Introducing H2SMAXX™ Stabilized H2S Calibration Gas


We’ve been hard at work improving the stability of hydrogen sulfide calibration gas mixtures. It’s been so interesting we haven’t posted in a while, but boy is it interesting work.

By using our Ideal Cylinder Coating™ and combining it with a specially created hydrogen sulfide source gas we’ve been able to achieve superior stability for this formerly awkward gas mixture.  H2S mixtures were the reason fixed flow regulators without control knobs were created.  Even that tiny bit of humidified air introduced when a regulator is screwed into a C10 fitting is enough to cause problems when you’re at the 10 ppm or lower range with an air balance!

H2SMAXX™ is a better solution.

If you’ve ever heard gas chemists talk about the H2S tendency to self-oxidize and wondered whether it was a real or hypothetical concern, H2SMAXX should answer a lot of these questions.

We’ll have more to talk about on this topic over the coming weeks.