The New and Improved Top Temp Gun


Top Temp Gun

A lot of people have written me asking where we’ve been, and the answer is that we’ve been re-developing out new Top Temp Gun.  I’ve field tested this unit so much it feels like a family member.

We still maintain the 100:1 distance to spot ratio. That means at a distance of 100 feet you’ll be measuring a circle with a diameter of only one foot!  At 300 feet, you’ll be measuring a circle of 3 feet in diameter.

We’ve expanded the temperature range from -76 degrees Fahrenheit to 2732 degrees Fahrenheit to allow for both endothermic and exothermic reactions.

And the scope.  You’ll like it.  We already included a Class three laser targeting mechanism, but now we’ve added a green laser to make it easier to see what you’re targeting.  It turns out that in different lighting conditions, one is easier to see than the other.

So now that we’ve finished re-designing this unit, we’re ready to go back to work.

Next week we’ll cover more training issues.