Integrity Gases Cylinders

60 months stability versus 24.
The math is easy.

Oh, and the Integrity Gases cylinder is totally re-cyclable.  100% Green.  You don’t have to increase the carbon footprint by shipping it back across the company for re-fill.  Use our nifty cylinder vent and de-valving tool so you can dispose of it easily and safely.

Our 115 non-reactive cylinder is now approved for fill at 1320 PSI overfill, so it holds more gas and we changed its PN to 115C.  It’s used for non-reactive gas mixtures and pure gases.  Same dimensions, same valve. But it holds more product.  30% more than the old 103 liter cylinder.

The Integrity Gases Cylinder is our new 115 liter coated steel cylinder, and it’s also approved for 1320 PSI.  That’s over twice as much calgas as the old 58 liter aluminum cylinder.  For years, the shelf-life and stability of reactive gases like hydrogen sulfide (H2S), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and other such components has been a serious issue.  Our new cylinder coating eliminates stability as an issue and extends the shelf life of these mixtures to 60 months.

Reactive mixtures used to be filled in the 58 liter aluminum cylinder, which contained 2 cubic feet of gas.  Shelf life for the rest of the industry was only 24 months.

The Integrity Gases Cylinder has double that pressure and twice the gas volume.

With the Integrity Gases Coating, we fill our reactive mixtures in steel cylinders.  This turns the industry paradigm upside down to give you more calibration gas per cylinder and with a much, much longer shelf-life.

4 cubic feet of gas versus 2.

Integrity Gases is an original manufacturer of the tubular compressed gas cylinder.

We offer a range of

• 103 Litre Label Friendly (Seamless) Disposable Cylinders

• DOT 39 Disposable Cylinders

• DOT 3E Refillable Cylinders

• Transport Canada TC-39M Cylinders

• European Union TPED Certified (PI Stamp) Disposable Cylinders

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Cylinders may be powder coated in a variety of colors. If you utilize a specific color, we may be able to match it for you.

Cylinders may be delivered with or without valves.

Cylinders are available with fittings on each end.

Cylinders are available with or without foot rings for free standing applications.