Calibration Gas for ISC PN 78103868



Buy Direct from the manufacturer to get the best price.
Integrity Gases, Inc. is the premier manufacturer of calibration gas standards in portable cylinders. OEM Gas Detector Manufacturers are resellers. We at Integrity Gases actually make calibration gases. That’s why our prices are better than OEM’s and distributors.
1. Integrity Calibration Gas Standards meet or exceed the most demanding industry specifications for OEM calibration gases.
2. Integrity Calibration Gas Standards have a longer shelf life. That’s what the Ideal Cylinder patent pending process is all about. Which means you can keep a smaller inventory and save money, too.
3. We know what you need. We are expert in both the manufacture of calibration gas standards and in the repair and maintenance of your gas detectors.
4. Every calibration gas cylinder is individually manufactured. Standards don’t come in batches. That’s why we make them one at a time instead of bulk transfers like resellers.

Ammonia is used in a variety applications including

  • Refrigeration
  • Agriculture
  • Ice Rinks
  • Fertilizer Production
  • Stack emission control
  • Pulp and paper plants
  • Rubber production

and many other industries and processes.  Yet because ammonia may cause damage to the lungs, upper respiratory tract, skin and eyes with exposure to relatively low concentrations of ammonia, the potential for ammonia leaks is rigorously monitored throughout industry by the use of ammonia gas detectors calibrated with accurate calibration gas.  Ammonia is dangerous to human health, and therefore all gas monitors used to detect its presence should be calibrated with individually certified calibration gas.