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eBay ScamGas

Yes, it’s time again to announce the winner of the holiday eBay ScamGas seller award, which this month goes to eBay seller Pelican Sales. They seem like nice folks, but they apparently can’t tell the difference between a 58 liter aluminum cylinder and a 103 liter steel cylinder. Worse, they say that non-reactive gases don’t have a shelf life and thus can be kept and used forever. Ouch.

So maybe you think this is nitpicking and who cares if the folks at Pelican Sales are selling used calibration gas as though it is good as new? Who cares that they don’t know enough to make sure the customer is getting a valid product. Maybe we should give them another chance?

Okay, how about the picture below which they- Pelican Sales- describe as a “58 Liter Calibration Gas Cylinder Biosystems 58 Liter Calibration Gas Cylinder – CO 50ppm H2S 25ppm Propane 50% LEL Equavilent In Air.”

scamgas regulatorReally!!!???  Does that regulator look like a calibration gas cylinder to anyone else other than Pelican Sales personnel?

eBay is a great place to buy and sell, but be careful if you’re buying calibration gas there.