Upcoming Interviews

We want to keep your mental bulb burning about Hazmat Response Training, so we’ll keep talking to the people doing the hard work of educating us.

Our next series of interviews on the topic of training will be with the Emergency Film Group, Custom Gas Solutions president Stephen Vaughn, PhD. and finally the folks over at Hazmat IQ.

Although they’ve been around for many years, the Emergency Film Group only recently just came to my attention.  I’ve never held much faith in videos as a Hazmat training methodology, but after seeing a sampling of these guys work, I have to say they’ve changed my mind.  I spoke with the founder and our conversation  really made clear why they’re the leaders in the field.  I’ll write about that in the next series of posts.

Stephen Vaughn, PhD. is the kind every Emergency Responder should should know.  When it comes to not only theoretical background ( getting his PhD from John Hopkins ought to be enough said on that topic), but hands on experience, he’s as good as it gets.  When it comes to the practical aspects of handling toxic and flammable gas, there’s none better.  You’ll want to read what he has to say.

Then I’ll get around to Hazmat IQ, the superstars of the Emergency Responder training field.  They’re unique system and high energy “we’ve been there and done” that training will literally amaze you and change the way you think about the Hazmat Response field for the rest of your life.  Don’t miss it.